With a passion for organising regular enjoyable events, I was looking for something to add to the list.

The Wellness/Mindfulness bug has bitten, but I’m not thin, I’m not particularly fit, and there are others out there like me who want to be slimmer, healthier but don’t know how or where to take the first step, maybe embarrassed to try a fitness class for fear of not being able bodied enough or just stuck in a rut and needing inspiration and to meet other kindred souls in the same boat.

Hence that eureka moment to therefore create an event that appeals to everyone whatever age, size or shape you may be and with that in mind, Good Vibes Festival of Wellness was born.

Come comfortably dressed ready to just “have a go” on whats on offer.

Try something new with us, be it gentle exercise, a just for fun class, holistic therapy, a bit of pampering,find a new hobby, or just enjoy a chill out chat time with others and a bit of shopping.

If you leave us feeling better about yourself, then we have achieved our aim.

This will be the second event this May and we hope you enjoy it.