Good Vibes Festival of Wellness is exactly that, we want to include as many varied people as possible that can offer wellness or mindfulness in one way or another.

Anything in fact that makes our visitors leave us in a better frame of mind, and with some fresh ideas to help them along the way.

So what type of stalls are we looking for?

Therapists - Qualified therapists such as Osteopathy, Reflexology, Irridology, Massage, Chiropractic, etc.

Healers - Complimentary health specialists - crystal healing, sound healing, reiki, energy healing, etc

Retail - Pamper gifts, decorations, giftware, chocolate, etc, we all love a bit of retail therapy so anything goes as long as it's legal.

Crafts - Craftworkers area for selling your hand crafted items plus an area for craft workshops.

Clubs - If you run a dance, sport or fitness club or class, come along and promote yourself. (Nicer for people to meet you here than feel daunted by turning up alone one evening).

Hobby Groups - If you run or are part of a hobbyist group, then come and join us, as again, it gives people ideas of what types of groups they could join.

Other -  If you are in the care industry, run a volunteer group, or special activities for the young, elderly or in between, come and promote what you do, where you are and how people can be involved.

Have a look at our "whats on" pages to see where YOU might fit in then email us for a quote

Stalls prices quoted are for both days. We cannot accept one day stalls.