Saturday August 24th

All talks are in the David Kemp Theatre  (to the right side of the Sky Cafe)

Come On Everyone Get Happy

Join Wendy Fry, Modern Energy Trainer who welcomes you to attend her fun, energising, enlightening and interactive talk. Get ready to ramp up your happiness, boost endorphins, re-connect with laughter, wake up your energy body and fall in love with life. Sharing the latest in ‘tapping techniques, ‘ ‘Heart and Soul Connection’ and elements of Laughter Yoga. You’ll go away from this talk differently then when you arrived. Happiness is a journey not a destination. Be sure to put this talk on your ticket to ride…

Seeing Auras and Chakra Health

Join Kathy Mingo to learn how to see the basic aura and learn about cleaning and clearing the chakras for better emotional and mental/physical health.

The Psychology of Fear

Join Britain Stelly for this amazing talk on how to break free from phobias and anxiety . Have you ever struggled with a fear or phobia that you can’t quite get past no matter what you do? Is there a situation/thing/animal/or person that causes dread in your heart? Is anxiety ruining opportunities such as careers, relationships and friendships and diminishing your quality of life? Come find out how courage can conquer fear in a very short space of time by unlocking the secrets of how fear operates within the brain. Britain Stelly is the founder of Creature Courage, the UK’s animal phobia specialists. She has helped hundreds of people break free from phobias and anxieties with her creative and unique workshops. She specializes in animal phobia therapy and therapeutic creativity. About Creature Courage: We are the UK’s leading animal phobias specialists, helping people overcome their fear of animals in a very short space of time. We also do animal comfort therapy as well as a variety of different types of animal encounters for children, adults, team-building events and animal life drawing. Our revolutionary Spider Courage Experience has been featured on Good Morning Britain, ITV, BBC, Sky News and many more. We have treated many celebrities of their animal phobias including James Jordon from Strictly Come Dancing.

Raw Organic Nutrition for Dietary Healing and Weight Loss

Join David and Heidi Anderson of Mettamatrix who will be giving a presentation on Natural ways in which to heal the body via Organic Raw produce promoting overall health, weight loss and how to create autophagy and stem cell production. The last part of the talk will be on Pineal Activation and decalcification via light therapy and fermented skate liver oil.

Helping Animals to Heal Themselves

A talk by Stacey Bevan of Good Vibrations Holistic Balancing for Animals (a unique combination of Crystal Healing, Energy Healing and Animal Communication) … Stacey will explain how and why these types of healing modalities can benefit our animal soul companions … working alongside conventional medicine (Veterinary Surgeons) and other animal care professionals. Giving animal guardians a better understanding and knowledge to help theirs.

Learn How To Attune To Crystals & Why You Are Drawn To Some & Not To Others.

Join Shirley O’Donaghue Principal of Lucis College in this short workshop to learn how to connect with crystals and their energy by attuning to crystals. We will explore how to identify the right crystal for you and how you can use crystals more effectively to support your own spiritual and personal development.

Homeopathic First Aid

Kate Winter is a classically trained Homeopath, Reflexologist, Energy Worker and Complementary Therapist. She runs workshops locally on topics such as Homeopathic 1st Aid.  In this talk Kate will be discussing the top homeopathic remedies which most people can buy and use themselves at home on friends and family for basic first aid.

Sunday August 25th

All talks are in the David Kemp Theatre  (to the right side of the Sky Cafe)

The Power of Magnets

Join Nadene Stevenson giving an introduction into how magnets work for many different things including grounding and reduction of pain as well as blood circulation.

The benefits of CBD with Pika Kos from Love Hemp

Pika will be explaining the fundamental benefits surrounding CBD as well as expelling any myths known in the supplement world regarding this product. Having have had a fundamental role aiding new or existing businesses developing CBD products to help the wider population as well as educate many companies who wouldn’t normally deal with this sector. Pika will also be discussing the major factors you need to look out for before purchasing CBD to get the best product available for your money. Pika and 2 colleagues have built over the past couple of years the largest wholesale team in the UK for CBD. This talk is aimed to benefit people from all walks of life including personal case studies showing the hidden talents of CBD. Looking into the future Pika will also be discussing the potential growth of the market and where we aim to be 5 years from now.

Sarah Williams

“Sarah Williams is an experienced aromatherapist, masseuse, health and nutrition advocate, and is also a healing expert/intuitive, inter-dimensional teacher and time/lightweaver. She has been working in these fields since 1995, having also studied shamanism, angelic and Christed inter-galactic work. During this talk, Sarah will be sharing more on the safe and effective use of essential oils and other vibrational healing tools to support your health and wellbeing. Working with psycho-neuro immunology (mind body connections) she can help to interpret what your body is trying to inform you, to release pains and facilitate the healing of yourself naturally. Working inter-dimensionally, Sarah shares Raise your Vibration workshops, the Munay Ki Rites, is a wellness advocate for dōTERRA and offers readings/workshops on Skype and FaceTime as well as in-person”.

Crystals & Their Link To Colour Therapy

with Shirley O’Donaghue Principal of Lucis College In this short workshop you will learn about the different effects of colour and how we can use this understanding to choose the right crystal for you. You will have the chance to learn how to dowse your chakras to locate energy imbalances which we will then correct with crystals.

New Earth Chakra Points

The Earth chakra points have shifted in this highly charged time on Earth, learn the new points and how to assilimate them into your consciousness with Kathy Mingo

A new light on Holistic Aromatherapy

Join Margaret Meliorvita of Angelic Energy Skincare. Essential oils are energy! Aromatherapy is not just about lovely fragrances; the oils are actually part of the light spectrum and like all living things, they have a vibration – an electromagnetic frequency! In this talk, Margaret will be looking specifically at the qualities and frequency of Rose oil, Lavender oil, Frankincense oil and Sandalwood oil and how the frequency of essential oils can help us “tune up” our electromagnetic frequency to improve our health and wellbeing – to raise our light.

An Introduction to Reflexology

Kate Winter has been practising as a Reflexologist for over 13 years.   She is passionate about Reflexology and is currently producing an accredited course in Reflexology. She also runs workshops locally on topics such as Reflexology and Crystals.  In this interactive workshop Kate will be demonstrating how reflexology works and a few practical tips on how to use it on both your hands and your feet.