Good Vibes Marketplace

We have a whole host of fabulous retailers and other interesting stalls in the main Atrium area of the school. Many products are beneficial for health/wellness such as orgone, salt lamps, crystals (and of course chocolate….)

Soulful Creations

Soulful Creations – I believe my art should move you in some way, how I cannot predict as we all see art through very different eyes. I hope you feel it somehow. Most of all it should bring a smile to your face. More from Soulful Creations

More from Soulful Creations

Love Orgone Art

Handmade orgone energy jewellery and designs for home and garden. More from Love Orgone Art


Hand-crafted in the UK from the finest crystalline sea salt, SolRox brings all the benefits of the ocean into your home, helping to remove airborne pathogens and pollutants, and assisting in the treatment of respiratory issues. More from Solrox

Angelic Holdings

Angelic Holdings was established to help promote positivity and good feeling by supplying beautiful crafted angelic and healing products. More from Angelic Holdings

Amethyst Moons

A selection of incense, crystals, jewellery, boxes and other beautiful giftware. More from Amethyst Moons

Deliciously Honest

Vegan Chocolate (OMG this is delicious) More from Deliciously Honest

Shape Your Future Now

Shape Your Future Now – A variety of wellness, healthy living, beauty, weight loss, environmental and travel products at your fingertips. More from Shape Your Future Now

New traders welcome, if you sell wellness, fitness, new age, eco friendly, vegan, have a non stock related business you’d like to promote, local Surrey clubs, hobby groups etc  we’d love to hear from you.

If MLM please note we are booked for Kannaway, Arrix, Bodyshop, Magnetix.