Andrea Webb

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We are pleased to have Andrea Webb join us for Good Vibes Festival of Wellness.

Andrea is  the crystal columnist for Spirit and Destiny magazine, a UK monthly publication which has a readership of 87,000.

In her column every month, she presents a different angle on crystals in a grounded and ethical way. She wants you to understand how crystals work with us and the best ways we can work with them.

She is passionate in what she does, and  loves seeing other people blossom.

She is grounded and real, definitely not airy fairy or woo woo.

Knowledgeable and experienced in her craft and has credibility. She has integrity, honesty, truthfulness and is authentic.

Andrea wants to give you more energy, more purpose, more confidence which will give you more control over your destiny. She wants to help you achieve better relationships in your life, with your loved ones, with your work colleagues, with your interactions with others, with your finances, with your sense of self.

So are you ready to change your life, improve your life and have her by your side to help you in a gentle way?

Visit her stall at Good Vibes Festival of Wellness.


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